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Working in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat and India, we influence governments, businesses and the public to create a better world. We campaign for a society in which every person is equally valued.

Benefits : The government is reforming almost the entire benefit system at once. This is having a severe effect on disabled people's incomes. It is changing the rules on many benefits which disabled people rely on, so that fewer people will be able to get them. Disabled people are much more likely to live in poverty than non-disabled people.

Campaign in your area : Our team of local campaigns co-ordinators help set up and support local campaigning groups to push for change at a local level. We campaign across the Ahmedabad City on a huge range of issues -  like making shops and pubs accessible to disabled people and improving local transport .

How you can get involved : There are lots of ways to get involved with our work in your area.

Set up a campaigns action group : Our local campaigns team can support you to run a successful campaign. If you have a local issue that is bothering you, why not get together with likeminded people and challenge it?  We are always keen to hear from people who can spare some time to support existing local campaigns. Get involved with one of our existing local campaigns.

Startup India Programme for Young Entrepreneurs with disability

Let's Get In Touch and Getting Involved in the Mission

We are speaking with people from NGOs, Individuals, Schools, Colleges, Groups, Corporate on helping our platform.

NGOs - Being flag bearers for the mission for various parts of the city.

Corporate and Business Individuals
- Like any good deed, this mission also requires capital flow. You can connect and provide us with sponsorships. This shall also be a part of the (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility Spending which is mandatory as per the new business laws.

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